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Packaging solutions for food products

We cover the whole process chain with our innovative, high-performance, and above all cost-effective, solutions for processing and packing food products. The MULTIVAC product range is not only unique but also the widest in the market.

MULTIVAC's team of experts will give you comprehensive support in developing your projects, from the very first discussions right through to our unparalleled after-sales service.

Processing and packing of food

Both small and large companies throughout the world benefit from our many years of experience in the areas of packaging, handling, labelling, quality inspection, box packing and palletising - as well as from our comprehensive know-how in slicing, portioning and dough processing.

As a supplier of integrated solutions with a high degree of expertise in automation and packaging lines, our focus is always on the most efficient linking of all upstream and downstream functions within the packaging process. Our ideas and concepts for producing sustainable packaging complete the range of products and services on offer.

Packaging of food: Secure Efficient Sustainable

Packaging solutions from MULTIVAC offer reliable protection for all food products, and they ensure the optimum shelf life and hygiene are achieved throughout the entire logistical chain.

They enable a wide spectrum of pack types to be produced very cost-effectively, not just a huge range of attractive consumer packs, but also packaging for in-house production processes and flexible bulk transportation. It is also possible to produce a wide range of pack shapes and sizes, extending from consumer-friendly portion and assortment packs right up to large bulk or family packs.

Sustainability has always had the highest priority for MULTIVAC. Our aim is the smallest possible use of materials and resources when producing food packs of every type. In parallel with this, we also promote the development of new packaging materials from mono films and renewable materials, offering our customers a wide range of packaging solutions with the maximum recyclability.

User reports & technical articles

"The entry into thermoforming packing was an important, strategic step for us."

Knorrevången Slakt AB in the Swedish town of Gilmåkra is one of the ten largest slaughtering companies in the country. The slaughtered animals are supplied either whole or in sections to the wholesale trade, but a large part of the fresh meat is also supplied pre-portioned to processing companies. There it is further…

“MULTIVAC is a real partner for us.”

Cater Food mainly processes pork and beef in both premium and bio grades. Since the two existing machines at the Herrup site were barely able to cope with the constantly rising production quantities, the Danish company, which has seen strong growth in recent times, decided to invest in a R 515 thermoforming packaging…

Fast food, attractively packed

Convenience products are popular worldwide. The right packaging presents these practical food products attractively and extends their shelf life.

Figlmüller: Schnitzel and more

The restaurant company Figlmüller puts its trust in chamber machines from MULTIVAC.

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Convenience Products

Traysealer Solutions for Convenience Products

MULTIVAC offers a wide range of solutions for convenience products of all kinds: from typical ready-to-serve meals to menu components, snacks, vegetables, and fresh-cut products.

Complete turnkey lines from one source.

The MULTIVAC product portfolio comprises a wide range of packaging technologies, labelling and marking equipment, quality control systems, and automation solutions. Our product range is completed with equipment upstream of the packaging machine in the areas of portioning and processing, as well as bakery technology. Thanks to our comprehensive expertise in packaging lines, all modules can be integrated into complete solutions. They guarantee a high level of operational and process reliability, as well as efficiency.

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