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For the sake of our planet and the care of its people.

In a world of finite resources, we need to protect and ensure the safety of our products. To prevent food from going to waste. And to achieve a longer shelf life for all our valuable goods.

MULTIVAC is one of the world’s leading suppliers of packaging solutions for a wide variety of foods, life science and healthcare products, as well as consumer and industrial goods. Our portfolio covers virtually all requirements in terms of packaging design, performance and resource efficiency. It encompasses an extensive range of packaging technologies, automation solutions, and labelling and quality control systems. Our offering is rounded off by solutions upstream of the packaging process: in the areas of portioning and processing as well as baked goods technology.

Thanks to our comprehensive line expertise, all MULTIVAC modules can be integrated into holistically designed systems. To ensure maximum line operating and process reliability, high efficiency and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). With this in mind, we are consistently driving forward digitalization – through real-time analysis tools such as MULTIVAC Smart Services targeted towards predictive maintenance and machine learning. Thinking and acting sustainably, we are dedicated to the responsible use of resources and energy – both in terms of the manufacturing of our products and their use at your site.

The MULTIVAC Group employs some 6,700 people worldwide. The company is represented on all continents with over 85 subsidiaries. More than 1,000 consultants and service technicians support our many customers around the globe. Their know-how and experience ensure maximum availability of all installed MULTIVAC machines. Ultimately, we see ourselves as a partner who makes a decisive contribution to your business success – whether you are a start-up, an artisan business or an internationally active group of companies.

Our markets

We process and package what is valuable.

Food products

Modern packs of today are multi-functional. And they are indispensable. Their primary function is to protect the product against outside influences. In the case of food products, the packaging contributes significantly to extending shelf life and reducing the loss of aroma and nutrients.

MULTIVAC offers the widest range of food packaging solutions on the market. We use many different technologies, so that we can cover all output requirements.

This wide product range has been complemented by our know-how in slicing, portioning and processing, as well as linking upstream and downstream functions efficiently to the overall packaging process.

When it comes to hygiene, the MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™ sets a new benchmark and enables our customers to meet the most demanding hygiene standards for food production.

Life science and healthcare products

When it comes to the automated packaging of sterile medical products, MULTIVAC has a pioneering role in the market. Our product portfolio also includes solutions for packing complex and sensitive products in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and biotech sectors.

Thermoform packaging machines in the MULTIVAC Clean Design™ were specifically designed for packing sensitive life science and healthcare products very efficiently. They can be individually equipped for use in different cleanroom classes, and they offer a high degree of process reliability thanks to their capability for complete line clearance, pack reproducibility and security against loss of product.

Linking to higher-level data systems enables seamless product traceability to be achieved over the entire process chain – and this in turn provides a high level of transparency.

Industrial and consumer products

MULTIVAC customers, who pack industrial and consumer products, benefit from our expertise in developing customized packaging solutions, in which the principal feature is a high level of efficiency.

Our packaging concepts can be individually designed to produce not only attractive retail packs but also packs for transporting finished or semi-manufactured products.

MULTIVAC packaging solutions offer great pack diversity and maximum flexibility thanks to their wide range of equipment options. And they also provide a high level of process reliability and pack security.

Thanks to our expertise in automation and packaging lines, we also ensure that third-party modules are integrated perfectly into our lines. Typical areas are equipment for product infeed, converging and handling, as well as inspection and labelling systems or end-of-line solutions.


Technology and innovation

We set standards as regards technology, efficiency, and reliability.


Our large number of patented innovations is a testament to our technological leadership. We continually invest in research and development. A standardised innovation management process is an integral part of our high level of innovative work. We are constantly developing our business models, so we can meet the challenges of changing consumer habits and new market requirements. This also includes a comprehensive range of digital services. MULTIVAC works with leading institutes and industry associations. The latest research results are incorporated into the development of our products.


Our products offer a high degree of security and process reliability.

Our products also meet the highest standards as regards safety, ergonomics, and operator convenience, and they are developed in accordance with the most demanding design guidelines.

We focus on certified processes and continuous improvement. We continuously invest in our production sites in order to manufacture in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Closeness to customers

We enjoy the trust of our customers thanks to ethical business practices and straight talking.

Our relationship with our customers is one of an ongoing dialogue. Thanks to this collaboration, we can generate added value for our customers and support their growth, innovation, and success.

Our comprehensive consulting service is based on a long and successful track record in developing customized packaging solutions. We also offer our customers an extensive range of operator training courses, so that our equipment can always be operated at the optimum level. Our comprehensive after-sales service ensures that all machines installed worldwide maintain the maximum operating availability.


Sustainable and responsible business activity is an integral part of our company strategy.

We place great importance on the impact that our business has on our stakeholders and the wider community. This includes monitoring and reducing our impact on the environment. Doing business in an ethical way has the highest priority for us, as does ensuring that our employees feel safe, valued, and involved. We support international and national NGOs, as well as delivering community support to our neighbours.

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