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Cook in a new dimension.

Increase the quality of your food and optimise your processes.

MULTIVAC vacuum packaging machines are the perfect solution for a wide range of requirements in the food service industry.

Chamber machines from MULTIVAC are perfect kitchen assistants: They make it possible to produce hygienic vacuum packs that can maintain and even improve the quality of your products. Taste, colour and freshness are retained. The shelf life of your food and prepared foodstuffs can be significantly increased. In addition, vacuum packs support you in complying with the high hygienic standards in your kitchen. Your processes become predictable and efficient, as you can prepare food in advance without stress and quickly access it at peak times.

Portion packs according to requirements provide your food with shelf life and help you to always be optimally prepared.

Evacuation allows food to be packaged hygienically in portions. Whether meat, fish, vegetables, sauces or complete menus – the shelf life of the products can be extended using this method. A wide variety of dishes as well as individual menu components can be prepared, stored and frozen, allowing them to be used as required and reducing food waste in your kitchen. Your entire organisation becomes more efficient, and profitability is increased through cost savings.


Economic viability is key. Reduce your costs by prolonging the shelf life of your products and by operating your kitchen efficiently. 

Evacuation is a gentle method for reliably protecting food from harmful influences such as germs or freezer burn and for significantly increasing shelf life. You also benefit from purchasing advantages, since you can buy goods in larger quantities. In addition, you are able to prepare the menu components required in peak times in advance and store them packaged in portion sizes. In this way you optimise your logistics and personnel structure, prevent unnecessary spoilage of valuable food and reduce your waste, allowing you to save money every day. 


Intelligent logistics minimise the stress of daily work. Benefit from optimised processes in your kitchen – every single day. 

Chamber machines optimise processes in the kitchen and storage. They support you in complying with hygiene requirements and enable uncomplicated storage of the packs. In addition, portion packs according to requirements and refined foods ensure that the workplace isn’t stressful even at peak times, because you are always prepared for fluctuating demand and can plan your resources better. You also save money – through efficient processes, higher quality products and less waste.


Achieve perfect results in sous-vide cooking by preparing your products in an optimal manner.

MULTIVAC evacuators create a perfect vacuum, ensuring optimal heat distribution in the product – whether individual portions or larger pieces. Optimum sealing results guarantee that the film pouches remain tight during low-temperature cooking, and the vacuum can be adapted to a wide range of foodstuffs. In this way the structure and quality of salmon, meat and vegetables are fully preserved. Due to their design and the materials used, the evacuators ensure maximum hygiene.


Marinating made easy. Achieve excellent results with evacuators from MULTIVAC. Simple, hygienic and fast.

With this refinement method, you can not only extend the shelf life of your products but also improve their taste. Due to the evacuation, the marinade of the product is actively absorbed – more quickly and intensively than with conventional methods. Professional chamber machines allow you to work more efficiently and above all more hygienically. Particularly in large kitchens, their use makes a huge difference. They save effort and time – and achieve great results in terms of taste.

High-quality products are the foundation of your success. Increase and maintain the quality of your food and satisfy your guests through taste and variety – with every visit to your restaurant.

With high-quality vacuum packs, the quality, colour, nutrients and flavours of your food are maintained even during storage. Hygienic and safe packaging also allows you to freeze your products, because freezer burn is reliably prevented. It is also easy to refine various products. Fresh meat ages in the pack optimally, marinated food becomes tender and aromatic, and dry-aged beef keeps its intense taste. 

MULTIVAC vacuum packaging machines are the ideal solution for a wide range of requirements in the food service industry.

MULTIVAC is a leading manufacturer of vacuum chamber machines. Our portfolio for the food service industry includes machines that meet a wide variety of requirements. The powerful table and free-standing machines feature particularly simple and intuitive handling. Reliability, durability and comprehensive service mean that MULTIVAC vacuum packers provide great assistance in your kitchen.