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MultiCook™ films

Can be run on thermoforming packaging machines, as well as being ovenable.

Our MultiCook™ films are real champions. Just one of their features is a high level of seal seam strength and puncture resistance - the packaged food can be stored without any restrictions in a chilled or frozen state, and then cooked in the oven or microwave. The films are also capable of being recycled more easily.

MultiCook™ films can be run on MULTIVAC thermoform packaging machines with a high level of efficiency and process reliability. Short forming and sealing processes enable a high cycle output to be achieved. Their wide processing window and outstanding mechanical and thermal properties make it easy and reliable to run MultiCookTM films.

Since the films can be used in a temperature range of -60 to +220 °C, the packaged food can be stored chilled or frozen, and be cooked in the oven or microwave.

In addition to this, MultiCook™ films offer a high seal seam strength and therefore make a major contribution to optimising consumer safety. Their high puncture resistance means that even products with sharp edges can be packed.

Technical specifications*


42µ - 150µ

Barrier properties

Medium barrier

Sealing layers




*Other grades possible subject to consultation

Thanks to their mono structure, MultiCook™ films contribute to improved recyclability of the packs.

All MultiCook™ films are produced under the highest international standards for packaging materials in contact with food. All the materials in our product range are manufactured in accordance with the relevant standards such as HACCP, BRC/IoP and the appropriate EU or FDA regulations.


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Maximum product quality and consumer convenience

Producers and consumers are won over by MultiCook™ and its high added value.

The innovative MultiCook™ packaging concept makes cooking high-quality meals at home clean and easy. The high added value of the concept allows new market opportunities and higher margins to be achieved.