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MultiFresh™ films

Appeal at the point of sale - packaging with MultiFresh™ skin films.

MultiFresh™ skin films are highly transparent and can be used for packing a wide range of products. They give perfect packaging results and attractive presentation at the point of sale. Our product range is unique in the market and includes solutions for all typical applications, as well as specially adapted sealing systems for specific requirements.

A MultiFresh™ pack consists of a rigid lower web and a flexible upper web, which drapes around the product without tension and is sealed to the entire surface of the lower web. This means the product is firmly fixed on the lower web and can also be presented, for example, either standing up or hanging. In addition to this, vacuum skin packs prevent drip loss from the product and make a major contribution to extending the shelf life. The highly transparent skin films also increase the appeal of the packaged product at the point of sale.

The MultiFresh™ film range is unique in its scope and sets the benchmark in the market with its perfect packaging results. It comprises solutions for all the typical applications and also includes specially adapted sealing systems such as skin peel, burst peel, and sealing to mono lower webs.


The MultiFresh™ upper web range consists of skin films in various thicknesses and with different technical characteristics, such as barrier properties. They are therefore ideally suited to packing a large range of products (shape, height, consistency), as well as sealing to a wide spectrum of lower webs. This means even products with a high protrusion or sharp edges can be packaged attractively and securely. Our film range also includes skin films with a high oxygen permeability to meet the FDA requirements for packing fresh fish.

All MultiFresh™ upper webs can be individually printed with scatter print or registered print.

Technical specifications*


80µ - 150µ


Barrier properties

High barrier

Special film with high oxygen permeability (for packing fresh fish in accordance with FDA regulations)

Sealing layers




*Other grades possible on request

The MultiFresh™ lower web range consists of lower webs and trays made from a wide spectrum of materials, which are available in different colours and thicknesses, as well as having a number of different peel properties.

All MultiFresh™ films are produced under the highest international standards for packaging materials in contact with food. All the materials in our product range are manufactured in accordance with the relevant standards, such as HACCP, BRC/IoP and the appropriate EU or FDA regulations.


Packaging Solutions:
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User reports & technical articles

Beef attractively packed with MultiFresh™

In China the current meat consumption of 62 kilograms per head annually is around two kilos higher than in Germany. Despite state-sponsored campaigns to reduce meat consumption, this trend is likely to continue due to rising incomes. Consumer behaviour, particularly among the urban population, also shows a growing…

MultiFresh™ – Complete solution for perfect vacuum skin packs

MULTIVAC offers solutions from one source for producing vacuum skin packs - these include both the packaging machines and the films.

MultiFresh™ packs with full-wrap labelling increase the attractiveness at the point of sale

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MultiFresh™– a packaging concept which meets all the many requirements of the food industry

MultiFresh™ is a packaging concept for producing high-quality vacuum skin packs which meet the wide range of demands in the market, and which can be produced on both thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers. The diversity of the MultiFresh™ film range is unique in the market.

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Perfect skin packaging

MultiFresh™ offers maximum appeal and shelf life.

Packaging machines, which have been specially developed for this application, are used in conjunction with innovative MultiFresh™ packaging materials for the MultiFresh™ packaging process. Thanks to the perfect interaction of machine and packaging material, vacuum skin packs of unique quality and perfection are produced.