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Thermoformable films

Wide range of packs for vacuum, MAP, and vacuum skin.

Our impressive range of thermoformable films consists of a broad spectrum of materials made from different polymers, thicknesses, grades, and colours - all perfectly designed for producing vacuum, MAP, or vacuum skin packs in groundbreaking quality.

If vacuum, MAP or vacuum skin packs are being produced, MULTIVAC offers an extensive range of thermoformable films, which are specially designed for the running conditions of our customers' products. Thanks to the unique interaction of packaging machine and material, perfect packs of groundbreaking quality are automatically produced with a high level of output and process reliability.

In order to achieve the optimum packaging result, our range of thermoformable films includes materials made from many different polymers with a wide spectrum of grades, thicknesses, and colours, as well as barrier and sealing properties.

Technical specifications*


100µ - 350µ (flexible films)

200µ - 1.100µ rigid films)

Barrier properties

with/without high barrier

Sealing layers

PE, PP, PET, etc.


transparent, coloured

*Other grades possible subject to consultation

All thermoformable films are produced under the highest international standards for packaging materials in contact with food. All the materials in our product range are manufactured in accordance with the relevant standards such as HACCP, BRC/IoP and the appropriate EU or FDA regulations.

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X-line thermoform packaging machines

Maximum pack security. Consistent pack quality. Highest output. Future-proofed.

MULTIVAC is redefining thermoform packaging with its X-line. Thanks to its seamless digitalisation, comprehensive sensor system, and its networking with the MULTIVAC Cloud, the X-line creates a new dimension when it comes to packaging reliability, quality, performance, and future-proofing.