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Traysealers for medical and pharmaceutical products

GMP-compliant for maximum process reliability and reproducibility.

They were specifically developed for the high demands of the medical and pharmaceutical industries - our broad spectrum of GMP-compliant traysealers offers the optimum solution for packing a wide range of products in cleanroom environments under low-bacteria and low-particle conditions. With maximum process reliability and reproducibility thanks to an extensive sensor system, which can be calibrated and validated.

As a leading manufacturer of traysealers, we focus primarily on our customers. Each machine is designed individually to the customer's specific requirements as regards the product and tray, and this means that every traysealer fits seamlessly into new or existing production environments.

MULTIVAC traysealers are characterised by maximum output at minimum use of resources, and they also provide optimum utilisation of the available production space. They are efficient, flexible, durable and particularly cost-effective as regards investment and operating costs. Together with state-of-the-art die change systems, their ergonomic design ensures that they can be converted easily and quickly to other pack formats - and this reduces downtime to a minimum. All the models can be easily integrated into automated lines, and their small footprint has a particularly positive impact.

The GMP-compliant traysealers from MULTIVAC were specially developed to meet the high demands of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The differentiated machine range is designed for packing sterile, diagnostic, pharmaceutical and biotech products under sterile and low-particle conditions. Their machine control ensures that maximum process reliability and reproducibility are achieved. All the models have a comprehensive level of sensor equipment, which can be calibrated and supports the validation of the packaging procedure.

As with every MULTIVAC packaging solution, they guarantee very simple operation and the highest level of efficiency.

Benefits at a glance

Simple and safe operation

  • IPC control with HMI 2.0 graphic user interface
  • Support from the machine control for set-up processes
  • Wide range of equipment options for maximum operating safety and ergonomics

Customised configuration

  • A wide range of packaging materials can be run
  • Capable of being equipped to pack with modified atmosphere and controlled residual oxygen content  
  • Wide range of equipment options for sealing and cutting systems  
  • Capable of integrating many different types of loading, labelling, monitoring and converging systems
  • Can be equipped with the MULTIVAC Tray Carrier system (MTC) for trays, which can not be run on standard systems due to their shape, size or centre of gravity  

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency

  • Efficient use of energy and packaging materials
  • Very high production output and pack quality
  • Wide range of equipment options designed to reduce downtime
  • Robust and durable stainless steel construction
  • Capable of modular extension as well as retrofits for new functions and applications

T 050

The T 050 is designed for a medication system, where tablets and powdery or liquid medication are sealed in airtight pots. The T 050 is typically used in pharmacies, which supply for example care homes and outpatient services.

T 260

The main area of application for the T 260 is sensitive products, which are packed in smaller batch sizes. It can be equipped with evacuation and gas flushing systems for packing under modified atmosphere and with controlled residual oxygen content. The T 260 C is an even more compact variant of the T 260, and it is typically used for sealing gas-permeable, pre-cut upper web sheets to trays.

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Automatic traysealers with the MULTIVAC Tray Carrier system

Tray systems for transporting sensitive products are increasingly being used for packing small batch sizes in the pharmaceutical sector. Using the T 300 and T 700 traysealers, which can be equipped with the MULTIVAC Tray Carrier system, MULTIVAC can offer two reliable and cost-effective solutions for packing pre-filled syringes, needles, vials, pack leaflets and other small parts very efficiently, either as separate items or as combi packs.   

Thanks to the modular construction of the system, the traysealer can be perfectly designed to the particular requirements, and the range extends from batch size 1 to large production numbers.

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